Paul Hoss
DuPage County, Dept. of Economic Development & Planning
Zoning Administration Coordinator


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Paul Kokosz says:

    I noticed the most recent comment regarding meetings and/or milestones was from FEB. It said the calendar, with milestones, would be available soon – that was FEB, and this is end of APR – so what does “soon” mean?

    I left some comments on the Lake St. map section.

    I own a home in H.P., but I currently live and work in CA, so I’ll won’t be able to personnaly attend any of the meetings. I do intend to follow along via meeting minutes and any other material posted here.

  2. Website Administrator says:

    Paul, thank you for the comment. We regret not having the meeting and milestone dates up on the calendar as noted. While we did post the steering committee meeting dates in early April, subsequent meeting dates are still in the process of being finalized as we work with the corridor communities and project partners.

    We appreciate your interest in the project and the comments you provided on the Comment Map. We invite you to check back periodically for any updates on the planning process.

  3. Jarrod Cebulski says:

    I think this is a very worthwhile effort. I live in unincorporated Lombard and use Roosevelt Road all the time. Can I be included on a mailing list for notification of future meetings?

    • Teska says:

      Jarrod, thank you for your interest in the project. As of right now, there isn’t an official mailing list for the project or any additional meetings planned at the moment. However, check this website periodically for any updates. We also welcome you to review the draft documents for the Roosevelt Road Corridor and provide your feedback using this comment box function or emailing the County (see email address at the top of this page).

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